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SY-6216-BG Lab single screw extruder/Filtrability test

SY-6216-BG Lab single screw extruder/Filtrability test
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This machine, appropriate for the mixing processing of high polymers, such as engineering plastics, modified plastics and color masterbatch etc., is featured by uniform dispersion, plasticizing coloring and filling modification. The pressure transducer in this product can accurately measure the pressure variation in front of and at the back of the melt pump. The human-machine interface operating system controlled by the calculator can readily set and display all technological parameters with the visual interface, accurate data and automatically calculated pressure value, enabling the blending quality of color masterbatch or composite materials more accurate and more standard.
Typical Application 
<Surface appearance/determination of real viscosity curve 
<Research on extrusion expansion behavior 
<R&D of new products and new formulations 
<Small-scale production of small pipes, sections, film or sheet

<Process optimization <Production quality control 


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